Welcome to Babstats.net!

Welcome to the new Babstats site. Here you will find old and new BMT software, gadgets and server lists for Black Hawk Down.
We would like to thank the original people that did the BMT software. (R.I.P Peter Jones)


We have been working on updating the BMT software you can find help files and the software downloads, in the menu above. Please report bug's and issue in the Babstats forums

Babstats Forums

There are forums setup to assist us and you to work out any issue you might come across

BMT Lobby

We have incorporated a lobby system that actually becomes a part of your game loading to replace the pinger. Help files are in the help section in the menu


WebRoot Anti-Virus & BHD

Greetings! It was reported to Babstats Staff that WebRoot Anti-Virus is interfering with the Delta Force: Black Hawk Down series. It was reported and verified by our staff. A member of the BHD community was complaining about issues regarding infinite reloads, and random deaths (even when you were alone in the server). This is NOT […]

NovaWorld and Babstats.net

Since NovaWorld has been down for the last several days, Babstats Lobby has switched it’s data-source. You do NOT have to do anything. Babstats Lobby will automatically attempt to pull server data from users who are running BMTv4 TV first. If the server is not running BMTv4TV, it will attempt to pull from NovaWorld. If […]

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